Top Working Ways to Deal with Post-COVID Hair Loss

Suffering from hair shedding after Covid? You’re not alone in this battle. Learn how to improve your hair with supplements and hair healing products.

What’s the reason of hair loss after COVID?

Losing hair is frustrating by itself but when enhanced by COVID it turns into a true nightmare for the majority of people. Normally, we lose a few dozens of strands every day. It’s a natural process. However, post-COVID shedding may lead to handfuls of lost hair and last for 3-4 months.
Why is this happening?
  1. Every illness is a stress for your body. Its entire effort was on keeping you alive.
  2. COVID-19 attacks cells carrying oxygen. Your body saves nutrients and iron for vital organs. Sadly, hair and skin are the last to get any.

Multi-approach to dealing with hair loss

If you notice atypical hair shedding after COVID, we recommend starting treatment right away. It should consist of a healthy nutrition, useful supplements, and a quality hair care routine.
Let’s see how to rebuild your health and beauty from the inside out.

Think about proper nutrition

During the period of recovery, it’s vital to pay more attention to what you eat. Switching to anti-inflammatory products should be your first step – add almonds, walnuts, greens. Make sure you have enough products enriched with protein and iron – dried fruits, wholemeal pasta, lentils, broccoli, spinach.

Add regular vitamins intake

In order to deal with intense loss of hair, you will definitely need more than nutritional rehabilitation. Your body has to be supported by a daily intake of minerals.
The list of vitamins necessary for the body to recover includes vitamin D, zinc, iron, Omega-3, and B12.
Important! Don’t forget to consult your general practitioner before ordering any supplements or vitamins!

Combat post-COVID hair issues with cosmetics

Only a complex approach can help you make your hair strong. Replace all habitual care with specialized products of excellent quality. Cosmostore has chosen the bestselling hair loss treatments to deal with this condition:

Apivita Women's Tonic Shampoo with Hippophae TC & Laurel

This silky and light shampoo is produced in Greece. It is free of parabens and silicones. Almost 90% of ingredients are of natural origin. The product delicately cleanses the scalp and promotes growth of new hair. Loaded with wheat and lupine proteins, lavender, and propolis, it strengthens roots.

Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner

Sale -13%
Appropriate for all hair types – bleached, colored, or natural. Unlike many other conditioners, it can be applied directly to the skin of your head, not just hair ends. Nioxin gradually decreases the percentage of post-COVID thinning and makes your strands more manageable.

Apivita Tonic Conditioner with Hippophae TC & Laurel

Apivita Tonic Conditioner with Hippophae TC & Laurel (For Thinning Hair) 150ml/5.07oz

Tonic Conditioner with Hippophae TC & Laurel (For Thinning Hair) 150ml/5.07oz

A natural, toning & strengthening conditioner for thinning hair
Strengthening product with natural composition: it has thyme honey, rosemary, organic oils, Greek olive oil. Provides visible volume and shine. Conditioner protects the strands from negative external factors, like pollution and styling, and gives them a pleasant look.

Phyto PhytoNovathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion

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Phyto PhytoNovathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion (All Types of Hair Loss) 150ml/5.07oz

PhytoNovathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion (All Types of Hair Loss) 150ml/5.07oz

An energizing, non-oily lotion for all types of hair loss
Phyto is an outstanding brand from France known for its supreme quality products. Non-oily texture, no-rinse formula, comes in the form of a spray. To see the result, use the product regularly: a few sprays onto the scalp and a massage. This product is 100% natural and vegan. It contains horsetail extract, tulip extract, and globularia plant stem cells.

Kerastase Specifique Intense Anti-Thinning Care

Kerastase Specifique Intense Anti-Thinning Care (Thinning Hair)

Specifique Intense Anti-Thinning Care (Thinning Hair)

An intensive, concentrated 6-week treatment for thinning hair
If you need some “heavy artillery” to combat the consequences of COVID-19 and win the battle against hair loss, pay attention to this set of ampules. One kit is enough for a 6-week treatment. The special formula improves strands density and prevents it from further falling. It adds a lot of radiance and softness. Kerastase Anti-Thinning Care remains the No.1 cosmetics for dealing with multiple post-COVID issues.